Fees Guidance - Insured Patients

Patients seeking treatment for conditions not covered by private medical insurance should click here.

Mr Hamilton is registered as a provider with all the major medical insurance companies, including AXA PPP, BUPA, Norwich Union and Standard Life. In general, the fees charged are in keeping with the remuneration offered by the insurance companies and no additional fees will be charged to the patient.*

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Prior to a consultation or treatment covered by your insurance policy, it is necessary to get an authorisation code from your insurance company, guaranteeing that the service provided is covered. Patients without an authorisation code may be asked to pay for services personally and recoup the fees from their insurer.

Where surgical management is planned, your insurer will be likely to ask for specific procedure codes detailing the exact management plan. Mr Hamilton’s team will be happy to provide these for you.

*A wide variety of insurance policies are now available with varying levels of cover offered. For the majority of patients, the entire process is covered but some policies specifically exclude consultations, some procedures, post-operative follow up, suture removal or even medication you may be prescribed. In some instances, a policy excess may be payable by the patient or there may be a ceiling on the amount of cover offered.

It is important to establish which parts of your care are covered and to be aware of the portion of the treatment for which you may be required to pay. You will be responsible for any bills not covered by your insurer.

If you are in any doubt regarding the level of cover, please consult your insurance company directly.

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